The Bill Thorpe & First Fresh Scholarship

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Bill Thorpe and First Fresh are offering a scholarship to our growers.  The scholarship value is $5,000 per annum. awarded to a stand-out applicant who has a special interest in a future in horticulture


The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage people within our grower group to undertake further education or training in horticulture through University, Polytechnic or other NZQA accredited courses.  This scholarship is an investment into the sustainability of this industry and in our people, for future generations.



  • Growers or immediate members of their family are eligible for this scholarship
  • Key orchard staff of First Fresh growers may also apply for this scholarship
  • This scholarship shall be tenable for one year only but may be awarded to the same student for more than one year where justified, on the basis of performance
  • The course must be in horticulture / horticulture management
  • Applicants will be required to attend an interview. Decisions made by the panel are final and no correspondence will be entered into
  • Agreement that First Fresh will be able to use the applicant’s name, photograph and a short bio in any company PR
  • The scholarship may be terminated at any time if conduct or progress of the recipient has been unsatisfactory, or if the recipient's programme of study becomes no longer relevant to the horticulture industry
  • The selected applicant will need to submit a brief progress report part way through the year and at the end of the year
  • The scholarship recipient may have the possibility of paid holiday work with the company or associated companies

Applications will be reviewed by our selection panel in January with the successful applicant advised in early February.

The panel will be looking for key attributes:

  • commitment to the hort industry
  • attitude, skills and passion
  • future role in promoting the industry/potential leadership
  • Referees’ comments


  • Please contact  Ian Albers at for further information.

How to Apply

There is no application form, but your application must include the following:

  • Covering letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Contact details (name, postal and email addresses, phone number)
  • Secondary and tertiary institutions attended and grades/qualifications earned,
  • Academic transcript and proof of enrolment at the tertiary institution,
  • Current courses, future career and/or research intentions,
  • Supporting essay (further details below)
  • Any other material to support your application (details of previous awards, scholarships, or work experience etc)
  • Two character references

Supporting essay

Your application must include a supporting essay (maximum length - one page).  As there will be a number of students applying for this scholarship, you need to make a strong case to the judging panel around why you should be successful.  The essay should include:

  • Evidence of interest in the horticulture industry
  • The future contribution you intend to make to the New Zealand horticulture industry
  • How the funds would aid in your studies/research
  • How you would use the funds should you be the successful applicant (eg living expenses, travel, study costs, etc)