First Fresh News

Izzy Elmers awarded First Fresh & Bill Thorpe Scholarship

It was great to be able to announce on the night of the Freshies  that we have awarded the First Fresh / Bill Thorpe Scholarship to Izzy Ellmers. Izzy is heading to Massey this year to study Horticultural Science

Some of our growers may remember Izzy as she worked for First Fresh for a period in 2016 & 2017 doing crop monitoring and maturity testing.

After spending the last couple of years overseas Izzy decided to come back and fulfil the passion for horticulture she developed working for us and on her families orchard.

We are really pleased that we are able to help Izzy with tuition and living costs as she embarks on this journey.

We will keep you updated throughout the year with her progress.

And speaking of updates last years winner Dylan Hall had a great second semester at Massey University and finished the year with a very good overall result. Clearly he worked very hard to achieve that and no doubt he is enjoying the things he is learning. Over the Summer Dylan worked for MG Marketing in their wholesale operation in Christchurch. That gave him first hand insight as to how one facet of the business operates and the links between grower and customer.