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Law changes for use of Organophosphate insecticides

Important News about Diazinon (Dew 600)



There have been some law changes about the use of ALL organophosphate insecticides (inc. Diazinon (Dew), Maldison (Fyfanon) Acephate (Lancer/Orthene)).

  •  The only one, so far, with a registration change is Diazinon e.g. Dew 600.
  • This is now registered for ORANGES AND MANDARINS ONLY with a 21 day WHP.
  • It is now ILLEGAL to use Diazinon on any other citrus crops e.g. lemons, limes, tangelos, grapefruit etc.
  • “Off label” use is also now ILLEGAL e.g. you cannot apply to lemons etc. in an “off label” capacity with a view to being under the default MRL.
  • For Orange and Mandarin Growers – the new withholding period is 21 days. Limit of 2 applications per crop cycle. Whitefly and Thrip have been added to the label.

For the 2015-2016 season, First Fresh will not be able to market any fruit (except oranges and mandarins) with a Diazinon residue that is the result of an illegal application.

There are a number of new controls relating to personal health, and notifying neighbours for ALL organophosphates as well.

Please look at:

And download the relevant documents for products which you use.