Enjoy their delicate sweet flavour. Persimmons are delicious fresh, dried, raw or cooked. More vitamin A (eyesight) than any other fruit. More vitamin C (general good health) than a pear. Almost as much potassium (nerves) as a banana. As much fructose (energy) as grapes.

While globally this is a burgeoning market, Gisborne is well suited to growing Persimmons and enjoys an early market window satisfying eager Persimmon consumers. 

First Fresh Markets approximately 50% of New Zealand's Persimmon crop, commanding a 90% share of the Gisborne supply. Around 75% of the production is exported.

Please contact the Persimmon Product Manager Grant Walsh for further information.



Season: Mid April—Late June (Harvesting)
Mid April—Late July (Marketing)
Features:High taste and colour
Cultivars:Wase-Fuyu, Fuyu
Brands:First®, Giz’os™
Export: Yes