Believed to be the most commonly grown tree in the world, Oranges are the worlds favourite fruit and at First Fresh we just can't get enough of them!

Gisborne is NZ’s largest supplier of Oranges with 85% of the national crop grown in this sun-kissed region. Supply is divided between Navel and Valencias.


Generally speaking Navels are the earliest maturing variety of the orange family. These large, sweet, seedless fruit are perfect for eating. Easy to peel, easily parted segments, firm flesh with just the right amount of juice.

Navels account for around 75% of the total oranges produced in Gisborne.

Please contact the Navel Orange Product Manager, Phil Croy for further information.


Being a late bloomer, Valencia Oranges are a popular variety when Navel is out of season. With ample deliciously sweet juice a large proportion of the Valencia crop is sold to juice companies.

Please contact the Valencia Product Manager for further information.


Navel Oranges

Season: Late June—Mid December
Features:High Brix, Tree ripened, juicy and seedless
Cultivars:Parent, Washington , Navelina, Newhall, Fukumoto, Carters, Powell, Barnfield, Summer Gold, Manutuke Late, Gisborne Late
Brands:First®, Giz’os™
Export: Yes



Valencia Oranges

Season: December—May
Features:Excellent Juice content, High Brix
Cultivars:Harwood Late
Export: No