Our Commitment to You

Our commitment put very simply, is to deliver the best fruit and vegetables in the world.

How do we do it? We focus on you. 

We recognise that our customers need to be confident that they are buying quality fruit and vegetables so that, in turn, consumers are buying with confidence.

Naturally, we have robust procurement processes an industry leading packhouse and transport practises. But it is our Tree to Trolley philosophy that enables us to build relationships right across the supply chain, supporting growers, managing quality control from bud burst to delivery and ensuring that the finest produce in NZ is delivered in peak condition.

With that in mind, we at First Fresh are committed to:

  • Traceability - we provide a transparent view of our business practises to assure growers, retailers and consumers alike of our accountability, traceability  and quality control.
  • Our Approved Supplier Commitment - we engage in a proactive fresh food safety programme with buyers, ensuring we meet (and often exceed) food safety requirements. In our experience, this is best facilitated by the NZ Fresh Produce Approved Supplier Programme.
  • Quality Assurance - by ensuring the best practices are used to produce New Zealand fruit and vegetables from the growers’ property to the consumer’s plate. The NZ Fresh Produce Approved Supplier Programme reduces the risk of health and safety issues so consumers can buy with confidence.